Step Out of The Box… And Into Your Comfort Zone

We’ve all been told the same story: Study hard, graduate, get into a good college… and then spend the next four years in dingy dorms that make hostels look like heaven.
Here at Social28, that never made much sense to us. So we created a hip, upscale housing community directly catered to the needs of our student residents. Yes, you’re here to study hard and get a good education. But that doesn’t mean you have to put your life on hold when you do it– which is exactly why we’ve designed Social28 to include not just numerous study rooms and lounges, but a game room, hot tub, sun decks, outdoor grill and more.

A New Way of Living– Just 28 Steps Away

To get a whole new perspective on college life, you don’t need to go very far. Located just twenty-eight steps from the main entrance of The University of Florida, Social28 gives you the luxury of high end, independent living while still providing a student-focused community only minutes from the beating heart of campus. Everything– from apartment construction to leasing plans– have been designed with the modern student in mind (in case you’re wondering, you are the modern student). Twenty-eight steps might not feel like much, but once you’re here you’ll find it makes a world of difference.

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