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Woman wearing Santa hat hands a gift to another woman wearing a Santa hat

4 Rules for Giving Great Gifts This Holiday Season


So you want to dominate when it comes to gift giving in 2020? We get it. You’re ambitious and you want only the best for yourself and your loved ones. If you want the perfect item for everyone on your list, it’s important to master the rules of gift giving.

Do I Have to Get Something for All My Housemates?

Community living in places like Social 28 presents a unique challenge when it comes to gift giving. There are a lot of people in your immediate circle, but do you need to get a present for all of them? Let yourself off the hook and just purchase small, simple gifts for those with whom you are closest.

Get everyone a Cuna de Piedra chocolate bar from Volta Coffee, Tea & Chocolate on Second Street or pick up a box of Midnight Magic Chocolate Chip cupcakes from Gigi’s on Archer Road and gather on the penthouse sundeck for a little “sugar and chill” time, soaking up that Florida sunshine.

Is it OK to Give Cash as a Gift?

Let’s face it: Who doesn’t love to get a gift that they can pick out for themselves without having to open their own wallet? In general, however, it’s much classier to give someone a gift certificate rather than cash. Try a gift card from Agapanthus which will give your loved one an opportunity to choose between housewares, jewelry, and bath and body products. Or go with a gift certificate to their in-house spa, Breeze, for an indulgent massage or manicure.

Is it Appropriate to Give a Professor a Gift?

This is a tricky situation – the rule of thumb is to only give a gift if you know the professor well, have a solid score in their class, and feel that the gift won’t be misinterpreted. Stick with inexpensive, generic gifts like a gift certificate to Cymplify Coffee Company or a gift basket of quirky office supplies.

What Should I Do if Someone Gives Me a Gift & I Don’t Have One for Them?

First of all, be proactive and have a few gifts set aside for this possibility. Try a graphite art pencil set from SoMa Art Media Hub or a box from Gainesville favorite Thornebrook Chocolates. And don’t forget you can always return the favor at a later time, even after the holiday.

Another thing to keep in mind: You can create your own rules. That’s really what it’s all about here at Social 28 – you have your own story to write. That’s why we set you up for success with sleek, sophisticated apartments, and an incredible downtown Gainesville location just steps from campus.


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