Ultimate Gator Living Awaits

Social 28 offers UF students the perfect blend of stylish apartments, a vibrant community atmosphere, and unbeatable proximity to campus and popular local spots.

Get ready to discover what it means to be a part of Social 28’s off-campus student scene – where everything you need (and want!) is right at your fingertips.

Turn the Everyday into Awesome

Dive into the Social 28 scene, where every part of our community is all about boosting your student life. Think epic amenities that take your UF days from ordinary to extraordinary.

Live at the Center of UF Action

Step into the vibrant epicenter of student life at our prime University of Florida location. Right at the doorstep of your academic journey, Social 28 offers unparalleled access to campus life. Whether it’s a quick dash to class, a spontaneous meet-up with friends, or soaking up the campus culture, our location puts you in the midst of it all, ensuring every day is infused with the spirit of the Gator Nation.

Skyline Oasis: Rooftop Pool & Hot Tub

Experience the pinnacle of leisure at our rooftop pool and hot tub at Social 28. Designed as an urban oasis, it’s your go-to spot for unwinding in style. Dive into the shimmering waters for a refreshing swim, or let the hot tub’s soothing bubbles melt away the stresses of student life. With luxe atmosphere, it’s the ideal place to chill out, socialize, or simply enjoy some quiet time under the sky.

Your Health Hub at Social 28

Discover your fitness sanctuary in our state-of-the-art fitness center and private yoga room. Tailored for both high-energy workouts and mindful relaxation, this space offers the best of both worlds. Sweat it out with cutting-edge gym equipment, perfect for cardio and strength training, or find your inner peace in the serenity of the yoga room. Whether you’re pushing for a new fitness goal or seeking a moment of tranquility, our facilities are designed to keep you balanced and rejuvenated.

And much more

Ground Floor Convenience: CVS and More

Poolside Perks: Grill & Outdoor TV

Hassle-Free Parking

Study in Style: Rooms with MediaScape Tech

Stay Connected Across Social 28


Laid-Back Living & Modern Perks

Your pad at Social 28 is more than just a place to crash – it’s your chill zone, study spot, and personal haven. Decked out with top-notch comforts, we make sure your home vibes match your lifestyle, keeping things laid-back and totally you.

Space Tailored to Your Lifestyle

Find your perfect fit at Social 28 with our 2, 3, and 4-bedroom floor plans. Whether you’re all about the vibe of a two-bedroom or love the roominess of a four-bedroom, we have the space to match your college lifestyle. Each layout is designed with your needs in mind; from late-night study sessions to weekend chill-outs, our floor plans are about living your best student life.

Ready-to-Live, Styled for Students

Walk into a home set up and ready to go when you arrive at Social 28. Our fully furnished apartments are decked out with comfy furniture, making moving in a breeze. Designed especially for students, these pads are your perfect blend of style and function, making it easy to kick back or hit the books in your own space.

Chef-Ready Kitchens, Styled Just for You

Cook up a storm in our fully equipped kitchens, rocking sleek quartz countertops. Whether crafting a quick snack or hosting the ultimate dinner bash, these kitchens are set up for all your foodie needs. With a modern look and top-notch appliances, your kitchen becomes more than a cooking space; it’s the heart of your apartment, where style meets substance.

And much more

Sleek & Chic for Your Cooking Spree

Big Screen, Bigger Entertainment

Bathroom Bliss with a Stylish Touch

Laundry Made Easy

Storage with a Sleek Edge